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Real Estate Logo Ideas

Real estate logo design
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Rental property management logo sample
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Real Estate Logo Design

In real estate, logos tend to be the first thing people notice. In the minds of consumers, your real estate company logo must be professional, yet unique. It must also fit in well with your company brand.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. It takes some marketing awareness and a little imagination. The following are some good things to consider when you create real estate logos:

Avoid the Usual Symbols

Hundreds if not thousands of companies and agents have used some home icon: a basic house or roof top in a variety of colors and styles. These may suggest real estate to casual observers, but the concept is so common the question to ask is: Will people remember you?

At a certain point, most of us become de-sensitized and stop paying attention to the same old logos and generic clipart. It’s worth as much effort as it takes to come up with something that’s truly eye-catching and memorable, yet still strongly associated with real estate.

Smart designs use distinctive patterns to represent old ideas. Geometric arrays of rectangles, triangles, pyramids, and other basic shapes can replace the old roof or structure concept. This provides a wide variety of options without straying too far from the familiar.

Think Fresh

You don’t have to follow traditional ideas. Try to use an image that suggests home, family, property, or any other symbol that makes people think “real estate”. Maybe try a few of these as alternatives and then test out different styles to see which gets the best reactions.

  • keys
  • doors
  • gates
  • shrubs

Creative Typography

At times, text can be distinctive enough, if it’s striking and unforgettable all on its own. Monograms, abbreviations, or initials can work just as well as spelling out names. Stay away from heavily decorative fonts that will seem unprofessional. Experiment with different font styles, sizes, and colors to see which best represents your real estate business.

Choose Your Color Schemes

No matter what format you decide on, play around with the color in places that make a large impact like between the foreground and background. The colors should reflect your brand. More subdued tones of blue, gray, silver, black, or gold represent success and professionalism. Brighter colors like red, orange, yellow, or purple suggest a sense of fun. Avoid overwhelming or clashing colors.

Show Your Personality

Your real estate logo should also reflect your personality. If you cater to a certain market, such as selling historical homes, something more traditional might be appropriate, like a Victorian style gable / dormer decoration. If your main focus is beach front homes, maybe sand and surf would fit better. Remember that your logo should represent how you want others to see your real estate services and your character.

Be Sure Clients Understand Your Brand

Clearly define your brand through your particular services, style of doing business, and company location. The more your Realtor® logo aligns with your brand, the more prospects will understand you. They may even have certain expectations. Gather feedback from the start to make sure you’re on the right track.

Where Your Logo Will Be Displayed

Don’t forget that logos aren’t limited to signage. You probably want to use it on smaller formats, like web pages, letterheads, business cards, or freebies like pencils. Too much detail may be wasted on scaled-down images or even clutter them.

Real Estate Logo For Business Cards

Be sure your logo is easily identified at any size. Purchasing a high resolution or vector real estate logo version ensures you can do anything with your new logo.


Avoid confusion. Try to use your logo so that it’s the centerpiece of your advertising. Too much large text, excessive images, or dazzling backgrounds will only detract from your logo’s significance, and therefore its effect on viewers.

Give Customers Something To Remember

Creating a real estate based logo that can be used on signs, shirts, pens and business cards alike is easy with LogoGarden. These promotional items are used often by realtors, mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys to create and maintain clients for their business.