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A professional logo for your construction company should reflect the skill and type of construction work that you do. No matter which part of the building industry you’re in, our easy to use online logo maker provides thousands of options to help you make construction logos that will fit your unique company image and brand.
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Sample Logos For Any Construction Company

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Construction Logo Design Tips

Construction logos can be a formal or casual design but should immediately identify the business in which you specialize. For example, a construction company that specializes in new home construction may want to create a logo that exemplifies this service. A construction company that provides repairs would start their design with a very different public message.

How to Create a Construction Company Logo

The first step to create a construction company logo is to think about the type of construction business that you’re in and to decide on your target audience. Consider what is the public image of your construction company. If your target market is individual home buyers, choose an icon or symbol that your target market identifies with. For example, using a symbol that depicts a home with a picket fence or a tree. This type of logo will help prospective customers identify the symbol with your brand.

If your company limits business to large commercial housing and land developers, your logo should probably be more formal to reflect an inter-relationship business between industry clients and your business. Multiple homes might be part of your logo design to signify the skills and ability to build housing on a large scale.

Tips for Construction Company Logo Creation

A tip is to avoid creating a logo for a construction company that appears too “busy” or complex. This includes the color, size and fonts chosen for the logo. Decide how the logo will be used most frequently. This helps create a design that has multiple uses. Many construction companies prefer color logos due to their regular ads in magazines or online in business websites. For websites, the option to use the logo in video ads may require a vector version of your logo. Your construction company needs a logo that fits into the message of the video.

Designing a Unique Logo

The easiest way to design a construction logo is to use our custom logo design software. By following these tips your company name and logo will be recognizable.

  1. Make sure to give the logo dimension by using the color and font depth – the design should reflect accessibility from varied distances. Your logo will be seen from a distance, as well as near at hand. This is especially important for logos used on business signage and large billboard ads.
  2. Avoid garish colors for construction logos. The temptation to use fuchsia, purple and neon green may be great; but customers will not be as attracted to logos with these colors. Stick to the standards like black and white, yellow, red and blue. These are standard colors that can be seen from distances very easily.
  3. Avoid unusual or italicized fonts. Choose a logo font that is the most appropriate for the type of services offered. Ideally, logos should be easy to read.
    • This rules out the use of italics.
    • Do not use heavy drop shadows as they blur the company name.
    • Consider sans serif fonts.
    • Keep the logo clean and neat.

When you make a construction company logo, do not distract from the construction company name and services. Keep in mind the old graphic designer mantra; “Less is more”. White space, the space in your logo between lines of text, will ensure the logo is highly visible and will always be recognizable.