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Sample Clothes & Jewelry Logos

Women's fashion store logo design
Men's suits design logo sample
Women's fashion design sample
Jewelry logo sample
Diamonds design logo
Sample of a luxury brand logo
Clothing charity logo
Fancy boutique logo sample

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Clothes & Jewelry Logo Design Tips

Clothing logos
If you’re creating a logo for your boutique, store, website or booth, keep in mind your prospective audience. Younger audiences might skew toward a more playful font and color choice where an older more professional demographic would respond better to more conservative choices.
colorful kids long-sleeved shirt and sunglasses
handmade jewelry
Direct your focus
Select a clothing logo that conveys what it is you do. Focusing on dresses? Look for dress icons. Shoes? Look for shoe icons to represent what you sell. If jewelry is your business, design a logo that reflects your product such as elegant, modern, or boho style.

How To Create Clothing Logos Using Our Logo Maker