Automotive Logos

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Sample Automotive Logos

Build a logo for your car dealership
Car transportation logo design sample
Motor sports logo sample
Motorcycle repair logo design
Auto mechanic & repair logo designs
Custom auto logo example
Auto industry logo sample
Logo design for auto repair shop

Automotive industry Logo Design Tips

Car logos
If you’re creating a custom auto shop logo for car tinkerers and “gearheads” keep in mind your prospective audience and their age group. Younger audiences might skew toward a more playful font and color choice where an older more professional demographic would respond better to more conservative choices.
Direct your focus
If you’re focusing on repair, select an logo that conveys what it is you do. Auto Paint? Look for brushes, pallettes, etc. General repair? Look at gears and tool icons to support what you love. Car wash? Water, soap, and bubble icons may work best.