Food & Beverage Logos

The Food and Beverage industry is competitive, and staying on top is no easy feat. Gain attention from your customers through a high visibility food and drink logo for your coffee shop, restaurant or health food store.
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Sample Food & Beverage Logos

Juice bar logo design
South Asian cuisine logo sample
Mini or local food Market logo example
Hawaiian restaurant logo example
Coffee shop logo
Pub & bar logo design sample
Healthy eatery logo design
Snack food company logo

Food & Beverage Logo Design Tips

Consider colors
Choosing the right color can help make your food and beverage logo get the attention it deserves. Colors like red, orange and yellow convey boldness and enthusiasm, while colors like purple and green lend themselves to funkier concepts for restaurants or bars.
Dine with the best
You want to show your customers why they should choose you over the restaurant, eatery or coffee shop next door. Think about what makes your culinary business unique and incorporate it into your logo design. Read more logo design tips.