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Creating landscaping logos is almost as important to your business as choosing a name, it is how your customers will know your brand. Choose from our large selection of icons, fonts and colors to create a landscaping logo and your one of a kind brand.
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Landscaping Logo Samples

Landscaping logo design
Landscape service logo sample
Lawn services logo design example
Sample of lawn & landscaping logos
Green landscaping logo sample
Sample of lawncare logo
Lawn and construction logo example
Pool cleaning service logo

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Landscaping Logo Design Tips


What colors should you pick? It depends on the message that you want to send. Green is a staple for landscaping companies because of the connection with the outdoors, but blue also gives a message of reliability and trustworthiness. Consider what values are truly important to your company and decide what color best highlights those values.


Like with most things, you want to keep your landscaping logo simple. It can be tempting to have your logo be an intricate design of a park to highlight your landscaping prowess, but consider how hard that would be for a consumer to remember. The goal of your logo is to contribute to your brand recognition, but your logo will not do that if it has too much going on in its design.

Instead, opt for a simpler design. For landscaping, the classic things to include are trees, gardening shears and anything else that symbolizes the industry. Remember that you want someone to know what your business does just by looking at the logo, so try to stick to these well-known images.

Shape and Proportion

Many people are tempted to give their logo a strange shape in order to stick out, but that may not be the best move. The human brain is hardwired to see certain shapes as appealing, and this includes things that are even and symmetrical. Keep in mind that an attempt to skew your logo to stand out can easily end up driving away potential customers.

For these reasons, most designers like to stick to a 1:1 proportion. This simply means that the logo is equal on both sides. While it is not a requirement to have this exact proportion, it has been used by companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s to great effect.


Your font should say something about your business, which makes it just as important as the other aspects of logo design. Look at Coca-Cola for example. Their font is casual and fun, which is exactly what a consumer wants in their soft drink. But what about fonts for landscaping logos?

There are two particularly popular approaches to fonts in landscape logo design. The first option is a serif font. These are things like Times New Roman that look formal and official; both great messages for a business. The alternative is a kind of font that looks handwritten. This seems inviting to customers and is a great choice for small businesses. Consider which aspect your business most values and select a font that clearly conveys that meaning.

Design a landscaping logo that sends a message

Your logo design will be your message to the public about how your landscaping business operates, so carefully select each facet of its design. Do not make choices that are flashy, but stay true to the heart of your business. By adhering to the values of your brand and following these tips, you will soon have a design that draws in droves of customers.