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Sample Business Consulting Logos

IT infrastructure consulting logo
Wifi consulting service logo
Agricultural consultant logo sample
Consulting group logo sample
Hosting services consulting logo
Business management training consultant logo
Business consulting logo
Consulting logo example

Business Logo Design

Every business or nonprofit needs to make a logo that suggests to people/ that will suggest to people what qualities or benefits they can expect when they use its product or service. A logo also performs the important function of helping people/the public to readily identify a business.

Types of Logos

A logo should be immediately recognizable to the public. One decision to make is whether it will be typographic, iconic or a combination of the two. Typographic icons use one or more words, and an example is FedEx. The Nike swoosh is an iconic logo that is also abstract. Shell’s logo is iconic with a literal image. A combination logo uses both words and pictures, and the Gatorade logo is an example. Many designers of logos say that the combination logo is best for most small businesses because it unites an image with the company name.
  • Shape Shapes have meaning in logos. Circles express community, friendship, love and unity. They also convey femininity as does any logo with curves. Rings point to marriage and a joining together, stable relationships and endurance. Straight lines signal strength, professionalism and efficiency. Pepsi uses a circle. Triangles are indicative of science, religion, the law and power. Since these traits are generally viewed as masculine, triangles are sometimes used by companies whose products and services targeted at men. Mitsubishi uses a triangle. Squares and triangles imply a very practical sense of balance. Lego’s logo incorporates a square. Vertical lines are symbols of maleness, strength and aggression while horizontal lines are associated with community, tranquility and calm. Vertical and horizontal lines appear in the logo of Honda.
  • Color Once the form of the logo has been chosen, it is time to decide on colors, which researchers note can evoke particular emotions in people. Colors and some of the feelings they call forth are:
    Caution, understanding, friendliness, intelligence
    Life, freshness, the outdoors, money
    Peace, sturdiness, confidence, optimism, security, calmness, honesty, strength
    Love, danger, energy, emotion
    Intelligence, imagination, creativity, loyalty, bountifulness
    Simplicity, purity, goodness and that which is fresh and clean
    Solid, mature, secure, respectful
    A multi-color logo conveys qualities that are positive, playful, bold and without boundaries. Examples include Google, eBay and NBC. When considering colors, entrepreneurs must make sure that the logo will work well on a black and white background in order to facilitate use in some advertising mediums. Another point to remember is that colors may look different on a computer monitor than they do in print.
  • Fonts Good font are readable. A serif font has a small stroke at the end of the letter. A sans serif font does not. In general, serif is more suitable for “button-down” businesses such as medical offices and law firms. The less formal sans serif may be a good choice for theaters, tech start-ups and many other kinds of businesses. Test the readability of the font in various sizes on media from business cards to billboards.
  • Images and Clipart Businesses should be aware that they will not own the copyright to these images so, therefore, they will not be able to copyright their logo. They have purchased the right to use the image in accordance with the merchant’s terms and conditions. Since these images are available online on a non-exclusive basis, another business can use them. However, there are many of these images available.
Logos can bring a lot of benefits to a company, but to create a logo that looks good requires a lot of thought about the elements used to create it.