Dental Logos

You know what they say? Dental logos are worth a thousand words! Dentists and other oral health care providers can create a logo in just a few minutes. Numerous high resolution and scalable vector graphic formats are available to download for as little as $12.50.
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Sample Dental Logos

D.D.S Logo design
Cosmetic & general dentistry logo
Family dentist logo design sample
Dentist logo
Logo for a dental office
Dentistry logo design
Dental care logo
Dental clinic logo design

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Oral Medicine and Dentistry Logo Design Tips

Logos are like a nice smile
If you are a dentist, periodontist, or orthodontist your work is on display as much as the logo for your dental practice. When designing a logo, think about what makes you stand out from the crowd. Your dental logo design is the starting point to build a strong brand.
Colors illicit emotions
Popular colors for oral health care providers include blue and green as they are often associated with trust and health. Pediatric dentists may create logos in red and orange for a youthful and cheerful brand.