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Sample Musician Logos

Klone Electronic Band Logo
Rebel Pride Reggae Band Logo
KFX DJ Band Logo
Lady Bugs Ska Band Logo
Stardust Pop Band Logo
Kings of the Sun Island Rock Band Logo
Wayne Metal Band Logo
Obeat Electronic Band Logo

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Musician & Band Logo Design

Musician Logo Design Tips

When it comes to music, no band or musician would consider neglecting the creation of an eye-catching logo. Logos are the fastest way to grab attention and promote sales. Buyers don’t like long winded ads, especially when logos identify the music, band or musician more quickly.

Depending on the particular use of the logo, the design has to provide three major elements for instant identification:

  • Color
  • Brand name
  • Signature font style

For example, the Grateful Dead logo helped grow this iconic band to the heights of the music industry. Fans of this band and its famous leader close their eyes and see the logo artistry that identifies band, music and musician. Their logo is distinctively symbolic and always has a “message” in the colors and design.

This is also true of other identifiable band and musician logo designs. The “wings” in Aerosmith’s logo is their signature style even when the logo has been designed in monochromatic black and white or in colors.

The Basics to Creating a Logo

The basics of creating a logo begin with an innovative design. Visual art design is the most important element of logo design. This includes color and various types of images or clip art and a font that will represent the identity of the brand name. Images and clip art are aligned for balance and colors are coordinated seamlessly within the logo design. If there is to be text, fonts used for logos are usually chosen to convey the type of product or service to be promoted.

One key factor to consider is logo size. Logos are used in various sizes depending on the display media (eg. website, poster, billboard, t-shirt). The size of the logo should be flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of future uses.

How to Create a Music, Band or Musician Logo Design

For those in the music industry, to learn how to create an effective logo, the design should radiate the style of music. Take for example, the Beatles logo. It is simply the band’s name in a distinctive font that overemphasizes the alpha letter “T” in the center of the design. One important consideration for music or band logos is to remember that it will be a permanent identification with the style of music of the band. In 1964, Brian Pike designed the logo for the band, “The Who,” by intersecting the “H” in the word “The” and the “H” in the word “Who and then adding the iconic upward arrow from the letter “O.”

To create a music logo, choose the band name as part of the design. Use a font that fits the type of music. The Pop Culture band, “Nirvana” chose a simple photo frame design with their name in a specialized typographical font. Then, to get their message across, they added a whimsical face with two “Xs” for eyes and misshapen mouth with tongue hanging.

Added Feature of Music Logos

Another interesting detail to add to a music logo is a flag. Many British bands used the British Flag, while American bands used the American flag, as a background of a logo displaying their band name.

The actual design of a music logo depends on the impact it will have on the public. It is expected that rock bands include a few garish images and clip art than a more reserved, sedate band. The important part of a music logo is that the public remember the band name. For example, the hypothetical Red River Rock Band might choose a red colored river embedded with large rocks and band name in a flowing font for its logo design.

Think about the impressions of your genre, and select an art logo that conveys how you play. Country? Look for country-related icons like hats, tractors, acoustic guitars, and farm animals such as bulls, longhorns. EDM? Look at music icons, DJ-related icons such as headphones, and electric/electronic symbols to get ideas for your logo. With hundreds of symbols in our logo creator you are sure to find the perfect icon to impress your fans.