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Where to put your company logo.

Where to Use Your Company Logo

So you’ve created your logo using our DIY logo maker, now what? You need to start building your brand and your logo is going to be the key ingredient....

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A startup brand platform is made up of five fundamental elements: your mission, market position, value proposition, tagline or slogan, and brand story.

5 Fundamentals of a Successful Startup Brand Platform

A brand platform is the strategic statement or statements that communicate what your brand stands for. It may include what your company does, how your brand is different from...

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Your brand is your company’s reputation and tells your company’s story. That’s why startup branding is key to any company’s success.

Top Reasons Why Startup Branding is Key to Success

Branding is a common misunderstood aspect of running a business. Most...

Before you dive into creating a logo, you need to do some thinking, planning and goal setting. Make sure you set yourself up for success from the start.

Steps to Consider Before Creating a Logo

It’s time to design a logo for your business… or is...

The startup business checklist: operating essentials blog series.

Why You Need a Business Identity

The first stop on our blog series: business identity. First impressions...

Does My Business Need a Logo?

Research suggests 40% of people remember visuals better than words or sounds, so why not attach a graphic to your business identity and create...

Creating Brand Guidelines for Your Business Logo

Once you’ve created a logo for your business and started to build the brand for your startup, it’s important to establish brand guidelines that...

Tennessee and Logos: When Bad Branding Hits the Home State

Living near our state’s capitol of Nashville, Tennessee, we often hear...

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