Tennessee and Logos: When Bad Branding Hits the Home State

Living near our state’s capitol of Nashville, Tennessee, we often hear of major political news, the visit of important diplomats and other official business, but we often don’t hear news involving a specific product that we know a little something about.

Behind the new Tennessee logo.

Recently, the state of Tennessee commissioned a new logo for the state’s branding, spending $46,000 on the new logo. However, after the unveiling last week, it’s been panned across the country, sparking memes, parody Twitter accounts and criticism from top brands around the world.

While we are swift to stay away from politics, this logo change is one we can’t ignore. We help businesses every day move their business forward with our DIY logo maker, and provide business cards, t-shirts, aprons and more that help brand their business right from the start. While we know the Tennessee government has a much larger budget than most startups, its safe to say the unanimous opinion is that the new logo isn’t worth the large sum that was paid.



In fact, the old logo not only has a strong visual appeal and widely understood meaning, it has an associated pride that is heavily displayed throughout Nashville and other parts of Tennessee. Residents proud to display the starred flag, have negative thoughts on the new logo making a lasting impression.

The idea behind the new logo is that it is simple and will unite all of the state’s branding, but fails to miss the essence of Tennessee.

Aside from the design, the Governor’s office explained that the takeover will be slow and gradual. From a business standpoint, this will cause mass confusion and lack of any identity at all. As an entrepreneur, we know you value the bold statement that comes with an unveiling of a new brand all at once. Failure to make sure all aspects of your brand are in compliance disturbs your brand voice, reputation and ultimately, your value.

LogogardenWhat are your opinions on the rebrand? Do you think it will unify the state departments as its intended, or is this an ill-fated logo that will be soon forgotten? Sound off in the comments below. If you’re looking to rebrand your established business, and need help rolling it out, our custom logo designers can help with the process.

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