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Disruptive Technology and Logo Design: A Conversation with LogoGarden CEO Tom Feary

This article was recently featured on the Relode blog, and was written by Chad Harrington, Content Director for Relode. DIY Logo Design LogoGarden was founded in 2011 in order to disrupt the logo design industry, and they literally “invented” DIY logo making. The company, now four years old with 1.5+ million users, hasn’t turned over...

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How to Keep Your Startup Growing in the Summer Months

Increase Your Startup Growth this Summer For many small businesses, the summer is a slow season. Employees are taking time off, and with the drop in attendance it can be tempting to just kind of coast through the season. This year, use the down time to increase your startup growth in ways you may...

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Holidays

The holidays are a notoriously stressful time for business owners. It...

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