Does My Business Need a Logo?

Research suggests 40% of people remember visuals better than words or sounds, so why not attach a graphic to your business identity and create a logo? This statistic isn’t the only reason your business needs a logo.

First impressions, brand awareness, and company credibility are all enhanced with the proper use of a unique logo design, which can be easily created with our DIY Logo Maker.

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Logo Designs Make First Impressions

You might have heard that it only takes about 7 seconds to form a first impression of someone, and the same goes for your business. Your logo might be the first thing a customer sees, before they walk into your office, talk to you on the phone, or receive an email from you. Therefore, often people will base their first impression of your business on your logo. If you don’t have one, they could think you don’t care enough about your work to invest in branding, or they could move on to the competition because your business name alone doesn’t stand out enough. Either way, the lack of a logo could indicate to potential customers that your work is also lacking…in quality.


Custom Logos Build Brand Awareness

A logo is not only the foundation of your business but also the basis for your branding. Logo styles, colors, and fonts dictate the feel of the rest of your marketing materials, and the presence of your logo links all of your advertising and branded merchandise together. Without a logo, how would customers know to associate all of your promotions with your business?

Your logo will also make your business visually distinct from the competition in your industry, where company names can be confusingly similar. Logos also give customers a basic understanding of their respective businesses. For example, a logo for a teen and twenty-something female clothing brand might feature a pink high heel shoe with the business name in a thin, script font to appeal to a young, fun-loving audience seeking just a little bit of sophistication.


Professional Logos Create Credibility

A logo can establish a company’s stability and longevity, while the lack of a logo can make a business appear temporary or untrustworthy. Professionalism can be conveyed through a custom logo design and carefully coordinated marketing materials, explaining the custom logo designs | DIY Logo Maker | LogoGardencompany’s purpose and commitment to its customers. Such credibility will often lead to higher compensation from clients for your work, which is perceived as valuable based on your quality branding. Customers are also more likely to see your company’s social media profile as legitimate if it is branded with your logo. Ultimately, investing in a corporate identity with a quality logo design shows consumers that your business is here to stay.


Make Your Own Logo with Our DIY Logo Maker

For an entrepreneur, a logo allows your business to take on a personality of its own that is larger and more widely known than your own personal identity. Conversely, lacking a logo puts a business at a severe disadvantage by allowing it to be easily forgotten, confused with the competition, or overlooked entirely. LogoGarden’s DIY Logo Maker gives you as a business owner the opportunity to avoid those adverse effects and create your own logo. With a wide variety of choices in colors, fonts, and imagery, the DIY Logo Maker allows an entrepreneur to design an entirely unique custom logo for his or her business.

If you’re a business owner who understands the necessity of having a logo, we invite you to try our DIY Logo Maker today, or contact our custom logo designers for assistance.

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