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Travel & Transportation Logos

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"LogoGarden offers a great service for a great price. With all the options they had, the possibilities were endless. I was so excited to find a symbol that worked so well with our company’s name and vision."
~ Jack Pascal
Trip Advisor
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"I recommend this logo maker to business owners big or small. If you need a logo, try them. They take the first-time business owner’s perspective seriously. All you need to bring is the idea. LogoGarden has the plan to make it happen."
~ Darren Arthrage
Chief Controller
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"I was looking for a logo design firm when I came across LogoGarden. I was very impressed with the quality of the logo and business cards I created using their service. It took no time at all!"
~ Jackie Waters
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"I searched and searched for an online design firm that could help with my logo. I finally realized that LogoGarden's process was far superior. Thanks for your site!!!"
~ Sharon Williams
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"I love our new logo! The way we were able to incorporate the compass into the design is simply genius."
~ Richard Gilbert
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I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about a logo anymore. There are so many symbols to choose from that I almost couldn't decide. And then I found the perfect match! LogoGarden made the impossible, possible. Thanks for making us look good."
~ Randall Blair
Booking Manager
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"I needed a distinctive logo for an event taking place in 48 hours. No time for a professional. Turns out, I didn't need one. The logo I created with LogoGarden proved to be a big hit."
~ Mark Friendson
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"Creating my logo was easy. A child could do this. I am very pleased with result."
~ Allen Farquhar
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"Awesome! Love my logo. Took me less time than getting a passenger from the airport out to Southview Drive!"
~ Randall McQuade
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"We needed a simple, elegant logo to fit with our company's persona. LogoGarden let me create it myself in almost no time. Extremely pleased, and the cost was minimal."
~ Francois Duval
Managing Director
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