Connections Between Logos and Businesses

Your company logo is one of the most important elements of your brand. It instantly communicates a promise to consumers and evokes emotions. Most people don’t even realize how much a simple logo can do for a brand and business, but as a business owner, you need to understand everything that a great logo design can do, starting with the five things described below.

The Connection Between Your Logo and Your Business

1. A great logo design can dictate your branding and marketing efforts.

Your logo is the primary visual element of your brand. It appears on all of your marketing materials, correspondence, sales tools, and so on. That means your logo design dictates the basic design of all of your other materials. When you create a logo for your business, it can make your brand look highly professional or exactly the opposite. Even the best designed ad will look less professional if a poorly designed logo is used in that ad. All of your marketing materials and business communications will be influenced by your logo design, so make sure that design is right for your business and brand promise.

2. A great logo design instantly elicits feelings and communicates your brand promise.

Over time, your logo will become the primary visual representation of your business. Great logos are memorable and easy to recognize within a split second. They’re typically simple designs that anyone can sketch within a few seconds. How fast can you draw the Nike, Apple, or McDonald’s logo? These logos are great because they’re recognizable and memorable in their design simplicity. Similarly, great logos don’t lose their power when they’re displayed at any size or in black and white.

3. A great logo design can help raise brand awareness and recognition at a time when people move quickly and expect instant gratification.

Your logo ties all of your marketing materials and business communications together under a consistent brand umbrella. Great logos can help raise brand awareness and recognition. At the same time, great logos represent a brand promise instantly. During an age when people move faster than ever and expect to find the information they want immediately, a great, established logo can convey the entire story of your brand promise in a split second. Let’s face it — most people don’t spend time reading entire ads, brochures, or websites. That’s when a great logo can help deliver your message before your audience moves on.

4. A great logo can make the difference in opening a lead or closing a sale.

Sometimes, your logo is all that a person sees. For example, when you sponsor an event, your logo will appear in event promotional materials along with other sponsors’ logos. You may publish an ad in the Yellow Pages but space limits you to displaying your logo and contact information only. This can also be the case in small online ads where space is limited, such as the popular 125×125 button ads used on blogs. In other words, your logo might be the only information that a potential person has available to them in order to make a decision to contact your business or buy from you versus your competitors. Make sure your logo design is great, so you look better than the competition.

5. A great logo can create perceptions in consumers’ minds about your brand.

Logos that are designed very well and look great can give the perception to consumers that your business is bigger than it really is. That means if you have a great logo, you are better positioned to compete with larger businesses in your industry, simply because the perception in consumers’ minds is that your business is just as reliable, credible and secure as larger, more established companies.

A great logo design can help develop your business but a poorly designed logo can significantly hurt your business potential. Make sure you take the time and effort to design a great logo so you always put your best foot forward.

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