Color Emotions in Logo Design

LogoGarden Logo Color Chart.

Designing your logo is no easy task. You must thoughtfully consider all of the details, especially the colors you are going to use. But did you know that colors evoke certain emotions? This is why it is wise to take color emotions in logo design into consideration.

Your brain processes different colors in different ways, causing you to react with different emotions. You don’t want to create a logo using a color that stirs up the wrong emotion.

Color Emotions:

  1. Red stimulates excitement, boldness and youthfulness
  2. Orange stimulates friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence
  3. Yellow stimulates optimism, warmth and clarity
  4. Green stimulates health, peace, and growth
  5. Blue stimulates trust, strength and dependability
  6. Purple stimulates creativity, imagination and prudence
  7. Gray stimulates neutrality, balance, and calmness

Each color sparks an emotion, so what emotion do you want your brand to convey? After learning about the psychological properties of colors, find a color that will represent you well and stimulates the appropriate emotions.

Download our Color Emotion Chart that explains colors and their particular emotions, as well as examples of famous brands for each color. Let this be your guide for choosing the right color for your brand. Next, go to our DIY logo maker and play around with different colors and create your logo.

Color emotion chart.

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