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Logo Design Layouts

Your creativity will be front-and-center when choosing the layout of your logo. It can be one of the most important techniques in designing a logo that is unique and different. Our...

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How Niche Branding Can Net You More Customers

It is a common misconception that if you’re not casting a wide net with your marketing, you’re leaving money on the table. Actually, the opposite can be true. It’s more expensive and usually less profitable to sell a range of products to a wide audience. Furthermore, if your product or service is too similar to a competitor’s, price will always be an issue. When price is your only point of comparison, it’s tough to build a successful brand – especially if you are a small business. Niche branding is a great way to avoid these issues. But how do you find the right niche?

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Make a logo on a budget

Look Like a Million Bucks on a Dime: 5 Secrets to Logo Design

Your logo design is the first thing people see when they learn about your company, and it can leave a lasting impression. Think about it. Your logo is on everything — your business cards, stationery, website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, ads, and anything else you can think of. It’s seen by customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, and even journalists, so it needs to pack a positive punch.

How to Communicate Quality In Your Branding So Customers Actually Believe It

Decades ago the word quality held weight in people’s minds. Ads used the word freely and consumers believed it. That’s not necessarily the case today. Simply saying that your brand represents quality isn’t enough anymore. Today, you need to prove that claim by communicating quality in your branding or it falls on deaf ears. That isn’t always easy.


Protect Your Brand with a Trademark

Developing a brand and building brand equity takes investments in time, effort, and money. You don’t want to lose all your work and have to start over from the beginning because you skipped a critical first step in brand development–trademark your brand.

Connections Between Logos and Businesses

Your company logo is one of the most important elements of your brand. It instantly communicates a promise to consumers and evokes emotions. Most people don’t even realize how much a simple logo can do for a brand and business, but as a business owner, you need to understand everything that a great logo design can do, starting with the five things described below.

You’ve Started Your Own Business, Now What?

You have caught the entrepreneurial spirit and have made the decision to start your own business. You can envision what it will look like but getting from point A to point Z may still be a mystery. Road blocks and unexpected problems may cause you to have to pivot along the way, but how you adapt to these changes will be a big indicator of how successful your business will be. Forget about big marketing budgets, successfully starting your own company doesn’t have to break the bank; it is about a clear plan, organization, and decision making.

3 Types of Brandmarks

Logo design comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you decide to create a text-only logo design (called a wordmark) or a logo design that uses a graphic symbol to represent your brand (called a brandmark), you can get creative and develop a unique logo that clearly communicates your brand promise and the value it delivers to consumers.

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