3 Types of Brandmarks

Logo design comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you decide to create a text-only logo design (called a wordmark) or a logo design that uses a graphic symbol to represent your brand (called a brandmark), you can get creative and develop a unique logo that clearly communicates your brand promise and the value it delivers to consumers.

If you choose to use a symbol in your logo design, then you first need to understand that there are three primary classifications of brandmark logo designs.

The type you choose to develop should accurately reflect your brand.

1. Standard Brandmarks

A standard brandmark features a graphic image or illustration that clearly represents a specific company, product, or brand. The image typically refers directly to the company, brand, or product. The Apple and Shell logos are great examples.

Standard brandmarks are very popular because they communicate more about a brand than an abstract mark can. If you’re trying to raise brand awareness, then a standard brandmark is a wise choice. The dentist who uses a tooth in his business logo or the car wash that uses a car in its logo design are additional popular examples of standard brandmarks.

2. Abstract Brandmarks

Abstract brandmarks are highly conceptual. They might represent an idea or value rather than provide a direct message to describe what the brand offers. The Nike swoosh used in the brand’s logo design is an excellent example of an abstract brand icon that became a valuable asset over years of consistent use and brand messaging.

Technology companies often use abstract logo designs to give consumers a feeling of cutting-edge innovation when they come in contact with the brand. Keep in mind, abstract logos don’t communicate an obvious brand message to consumers, so you’ll need to invest time and money into making the connection between the brand, the logo, and the promise of both to consumers.

3. Emblem Brandmarks

Emblem logo designs look like what the name implies – emblems. For example, the Harley Davidson and Lamborghini logos could both be classified as emblem brandmarks. These marks are often used to increase consumers’ feelings of brand quality, reliability, and longevity.

Professional sports team logos and logos designed for events (including sports events) often use emblem brandmarks. Every championship series in professional sports seems to get its own emblem brandmark these days. For example, a new Super Bowl logo is created each year, and that logo appears on the playing field, on the players’ uniforms, and so on.

If you create an emblem for your logo design, be careful not to make it so detailed that it appears cluttered. Less is always more in logo design.

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