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6 Tips to Ensure Branding Reality Mirrors Branding Perception

A critical rule of branding tells us that brand perception should never trump brand reality. In other words, if a consumer perceives that your brand will deliver more than it actually delivers when that consumer makes a purchase and experiences it, then that consumer will not be happy. And unhappy customers who pay for products that don’t meet their expectations based on their brand perceptions don’t keep their dissatisfaction to themselves. Instead, they tell everyone about their negative experiences with that brand which can lead to disastrous effects for a business.

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A Dozen Easy Ways to Use Customer Stories for Social Media and Content Marketing

Customer stories can be effective for marketing your business across the social web. By creating new content and conversations based on these success stories, your brand and business can get free word-of-mouth marketing that extends further than traditional marketing tactics such as advertising can deliver.

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10 Social Media Sites to Build Your Brand and Display Your Logo Design

Social media marketing is a great way to build your brand and increase exposure for your business for free. Use your logo design as your profile image across the social web to boost recognition and recall for your brand, and be sure to publish content that your target audience will find useful. Avoid direct selling. Instead, focus on building relationships that can lead to sales, and always make sure your content matches your brand image and promise.

The Important Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Your small business has a brand tied to its products and services.  You have a personal brand and you need to use the proper marketing tools to grow your business.

We’ll call it Brand You.

Bulletproof Your Brand Platform

“What’s your brand platform?” “What’s your online platform?”  These are questions  you’re likely to hear these days, particularly on the social web where both businesses and individuals are trying to establish their platforms. But what does the term “brand platform” mean and why should it matter to you?

3 Wise Reasons to Use a Logo Generator for Your Logo Design

Using a logo generator (or logo maker) to create a logo design isn’t always the right decision for every brand and business. For many companies, hiring a logo design agency or freelance logo designer is the way to go, but for other businesses, a logo generator is the best choice. Here are three of the most important reasons why you should use a logo generator rather than an agency or designer when you’re making a logo.

Marking Your Territory By Using Your Company Logo Everywhere

We live in a time when people want instant gratification. If they don’t grasp your message in 3-seconds or less, they’ll move on. Since your logo is a shortcut to communicating with consumers, it can instantly provide the information people want before they have a chance to get away. That’s why you should use your company logo everywhere that you can in order to raise awareness and eventually recognition and recall.

Following are some logo usage tips that can help you get started marking your territory:

3 Steps to Effectively Branding Your Blog

The brand of a business is not only what it aspires to be, it is also partly how your customers view it. Branding comes from the products you offer, the experience your customers receive, and the lifestyle associated with your business. Consumers head to company blogs to find this information as well as tips and tricks, and news relevant to their lives. Here is how to elevate your brand by focusing on branding your blog.

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