Marking Your Territory By Using Your Company Logo Everywhere

We live in a time when people want instant gratification. If they don’t grasp your message in 3-seconds or less, they’ll move on. Since your logo is a shortcut to communicating with consumers, it can instantly provide the information people want before they have a chance to get away. That’s why you should use your company logo everywhere that you can in order to raise awareness and eventually recognition and recall.

Following are some logo usage tips that can help you get started marking your territory:

1. Sponsor events.

Most industries have a variety of events that you can participate in and sponsor, which will help you get your logo and brand in front of more people. Look for trade shows, seminars, and other events within your industry as well as events that might not be directly related to your industry but your target audience is likely to attend. Most event sponsorship opportunities are offered using a tiered pricing structure. The more you pay, the more exposure your business and brand will get to participants.

2. Sponsor local athletic organizations.

Most communities have sports teams, bowling leagues, and other organizations that accept sponsors to help cover their costs. Look for opportunities that match your business, put your brand in front of your target audience, and give you a fair amount of publicity based on the required investment. Sometimes community sponsorships don’t have to come in the form of a monetary investment at all. You might be able to offer your volunteer services in exchange for brand promotion.

3.  Distribute creative promotional items.

Everyone has a collection of pens with company logos printed on them. Instead of adding another to their desk drawers, give out clever promotional items associated with your business. For example, if you own a car detailing company, give out ice scrapers with your logo and contact information on them. It’s useful and more interesting than another pen.

4. Produce branded packaging and marketing materials.

There is more to packaging than the box you see on a store shelf. Next time you visit an Old Navy store, take a look at the price tags and display packaging. Everything is branded creatively. Many retailers package items at the point of sale or for shipping in custom tissue paper with the brand logo printed on it. Similarly, your logo design should be displayed on all marketing materials, stationery, business cards, invoices, labels, and every other promotional piece or business communication.

5. Think outside the box for places to display your logo.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with logo placement. As long as the places where your logo appears are appropriate for your brand, go for it! For example, produce magnetic signs for your employees’ cars, particularly your sales team, and have them affix the signs when they use their cars for company business. As your employees drive, your logo will be exposed to a lot of people.

A logo can be a very powerful business asset because it represents your brand, which is another important business asset. It takes time to develop those assets and increase their worth, but the results are worth it.

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