To Find the ‘Right’ New Hire, Tell Your Bad News First

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When you’re recruiting talent for your startup or small business, you only want the best.

You’re probably looking for people who share your goals, interests, and ideas; people with degrees from respected universities who really get your company’s mission and are willing to dedicate much of their time and energy toward making your brand a household name.

Unfortunately, most candidates who fulfill these requirements are also qualified for high-paying corporate jobs that offer long-term security.

Some will apply to startup roles in search of hefty benefits and a laid-back atmosphere, but are soon recruited and whisked away by companies like Google, Twitter, and DropBox after being offered salaries that startups can’t compete with.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, in 2015, 29% of small businesses and startups plan to hire full-time employees, up from 22% in 2014. Thirty-six percent of businesses with more than 250 employees plan to hire full-time in 2015, up from 24% in 2014.

So where is the good news for startups looking to hire top talent for their team?

Apparently, the good news IS the bad news. Thomas Goetz, CEO and Founder of Iodine, a healthcare startup based in San Francisco, says you can attract the type of talent (read: risk-tolerant) you want for your team by being honest about the problems your startup is trying to solve, or the “bad news.”

He says by making your problem seem as complex and formidable as possible, you’ll attract team members that are ready to jump in and take the risk with you and give 100%.

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