Startup Biz Chat Recap: Logo Design 101

Last week, we had our second Startup Biz Chat on Twitter. Our graphic designer, Troy Loveless, answered questions regarding to logo design.

Last week, we had our second Startup Biz Chat on Twitter. Our graphic designer, Troy Loveless, answered questions regarding to logo design. In case you missed it, below is a recap of the questions and answers.

Logo Design Questions

Q1: @bhmiller1970 asked, “What are the best layouts for a logo that will work anywhere?”

A1: Good question. We just posted a new video about 4 basic layouts we recommend.

We recently launched our new YouTube channel. It also features other how-to videos relating to our logo maker.

Q2: @Gasby2015Larbi asked, “Please my company’s name is “Gabco Technologies” and I can’t find a suitable logo for my startup company.”

A2: Use a search engine such as google to browse sample logos based on your industry!

We also have symbols categorized under industries in our logo maker, which makes it easier to find a symbol based on your business’s industry.

Q3: @tomfeary asked, “What’s the #1 question we get from customers about designing a logo?”

A3: We get a lot of questions about file formats once a logo is made. Specifically about the need for vector art.

Vector files are perfect for outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, apparel and billboards. They can be enlarged to any size without losing resolution. If you need your logo larger than 1000 pixels, you will need to have a vector file made. Our high resolution files (JPG and PNG) are great for websites and print, but resizing an image by changing its width or height within the web page will almost always reduce the image quality. Make sure to resize your logo to the size you want, and then add it to the website.

Q4: @muhkayoh asked, “Should I include a tagline in the logo itself or does that make the logo “too busy”?”

A4:  Taglines are fine! As long as they’re not the most prominent piece of the logo design. Taglines are nice for print and web but you often don’t see them on shirts or promo items. Make a variation.

If going with a tagline, make sure to avoid full sentences in your tagline. The shorter, the better!

Q5: @schallesw asked, “How many colors should I use on my logo?”

A5: Try to limit your colors to no more than three (this includes black).

Tips on logo design using a logo maker: 1-2 colors, 1-2 fonts, 1-2 dimensions. Design for digital then design for print.

Q6: @MadeforGiving asked, “Are serif or non serif fonts best for logos?”

A6: Great question! Both can be used effectively! Sans serif fonts however are better used for headlines.

Q7: @Sandip_Goyal asked, “We are yet to find a Logo for our Fashion T-Shirts line Montana Fashions.”

A7: Try searching for some samples online before using the Logo Maker. We can make a custom design too.

For more logo design tips and advice, check out our logo design tips page. Don’t forget, each Startup Biz Chat will have a different topic from our Startup Biz Checklist, so stay tuned for our next one in early July!

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