Should You Create an Animated Logo Design?

Animated logos design is very popular these days with large and small companies rapidly launching new logos or new animated versions of their existing logos. The question for most small and mid-size businesses that watch companies like AOL successfully animate their logos is this: should you use an animated logo maker or icon maker when you’re making a logo or should you stick with the tried-and-true static logo design technique?

Keep These In Mind When Considering an Animated Logo Design

The answer can be a bit of both. An amazing traditional logo that can be used in all media should be your primary logo. You simply cannot use an animated logo everywhere. However, you can use an animated logo maker for creating a version of your logo that brings your brand to life.

For example, the AOL logo isn’t always animated, but when it is, it looks great. In television commercials, videos, and on websites, animated logos can give your brand personality, draw attention to it, and increase recognition and recall.

Whether or not you create an animated logo design depends entirely on your goals, your target audience, and your brand image. If an animated logo doesn’t match your brand image, then it might do more harm than good. For example, an animated logo might not work well for an antique brand or a luxury brand, because animated logos tend to be perceived as modern and fun.

Therefore, choose an animated logo maker that allows you to make a logo in flash and animated GIF file formats. This gives you the most flexibility in using it online, in email newsletters, in presentations, and more.

Next, decide how you want your animated logo to move. You can choose two-dimensional animation where the logo spins on an X- or Y-axis, or you can choose three-dimensional animation, which gives you complete animation flexibility. Again, select an animated logo maker that offers the options you want, so you get the logo design that you expect.

Finally, remember that an animated logo maker can offer complete animation of your logo or more subtle animation. Keep it simple by animating a lighting effect or adding shine to your logo. Sometimes the simplest animation effects can have the biggest impact.

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