Out-of-the-Box Logo Design Tricks from the Pros

Logo design tricks don’t require a degree in branding, graphic design, or art if you know the tricks that logo designers want to keep to themselves. That’s because the fundamental rules of branding and logo design don’t change from one company or brand to the next. Memorize the tricks that follow, and you can use a do-it-yourself logo creator to develop a fantastic logo for a fraction of the cost that logo designers charge.

3 Logo Design Tricks You Need to Know

1. Color: The colors used in your logo design must translate well to any medium. For example, a light green logo might look great on paper, but it’s likely to be impossible to see on a website. Similarly, a logo that includes multiple colors can be distracting and less effective than a simple 1- or 2-color logo.

Don’t be shortsighted when you’re creating a logo. Instead, your goal should be to create a visual representation of your brand that can stand the test of time.  While fluorescent orange might be popular one day, it’s unlikely to be popular for long. Choose colors that won’t fall out of favor too soon.

2. Font: The fonts used in your logo must be legible at all sizes. Test fonts in your design out in poster and billboard size as well as in business card size. Make sure you can still read the text. For example, a thin font might look nice on your business letterhead but those thin letters might be illegible on a pen.

Font style also matters. Logo design doesn’t require custom fonts or overly stylized fonts. Less is always more when it comes to designing a logo, so avoid fanciful fonts unless you find one that is a perfect match for your brand promise.

3. Icon: If you decide to use a graphic icon in your logo design, make sure it’s a good quality and accurately reflects your brand promise. Furthermore, test it to make sure it looks good in a variety of applications.

When you’re choosing an icon to use in your logo design, make sure you are legally allowed to use it. You can do this by creating your own icon, purchasing an icon from a designer or from a company like Getty Images that sells illustrations, or choose one from a logo maker that offers a selection of icons, which you’re allowed to use without fear of legal entanglements.

Remember to keep these tricks related to colors, fonts, and icons in mind when you’re creating a logo design, and you’ll be one step closer to producing creative results like the pros.

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