20 Places to Include Your Logo Design to Get More Brand Exposure

Your logo design is the visual symbol of your brand promise to consumers. If your logo doesn’t get brand exposure, then there is no chance for people to recall it or recognize it. Without recall and recognition, they won’t be able to associate the visual cue your logo design offers with your brand promise. That’s a huge missed opportunity for brand building!

Get More Brand Exposure by Putting Your Logo in These Places

With that in mind, you should use your logo design everywhere you can. That doesn’t mean you need to print a gigantic logo on every document, marketing material, package, and so on that you create. Sometimes subtle use of your logo design can have a bigger impact than bold use. For example, if you give your best clients leather portfolios with your logo design printed on them, keep the logo small and unobtrusive. No one wants to be a walking billboard!

To get you started, check out the 20 creative places listed below where you can include your logo design to get more exposure for your brand identity without investing any additional money. These are most likely initiatives you’re already pursuing and materials you’re already creating, but you can get some extra bang for your branding buck by adding your logo design to them.

  1. Your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and all other stationery
  2. Your website
  3. Your invoices and receipts
  4. Your shopping bags
  5. Your company vehicles
  6. Your marketing materials and ads
  7. Your employee uniforms
  8. Your giveaway items such as shirts, hats, pens, mugs, and so on
  9. Your social media profiles, including your Twitter profile, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, Google+ Page, YouTube Channel, Digg profile, StumbleUpon profile, Flickr profile, and more
  10. Your interior and exterior signage
  11. Your unique business materials such as on napkins for bars and on tissue paper for retail stores that offer gift wrapping
  12. Your gift items for clients, vendors, and so on
  13. Your listings on local search directory websites like Yelp.com
  14. Your blog, your blog’s RSS feed, and your gravatar.com image used whenever you leave comments on blogs that publish gravatars
  15. Your website favicon
  16. Your avatar in any online forums and message boards that you belong to
  17. Your email signature
  18. Your estimates and price quotes
  19. Your QR codes and mobile ads and communications
  20. Your photos that you upload to your various social media profiles (include your logo in a watermark in the corner of the image for copyright and brand exposure purposes)

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your use of your logo design to boost brand exposure.

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