15 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Use a Logo Maker

Logo maker software can help you create a logo design for your business or brand quickly, easily, and affordably. You don’t need to have graphic design skills to create a logo with a logo generator, but that doesn’t mean you should dive in without some guidance about branding and logo design.

Keep These Questions in Mind As You Create a Logo

Rather than spending time and money studying the theories of branding and logo design, keep the 15 questions below nearby as you create a logo using a logo generator. Your answers to these questions will ensure that you make a logo that is effective and can be used for many years to come.

  1. Does this logo design have to be produced in two or more colors?
  2. Does my logo look as good in one-color and in black and white as it does in full color?
  3. Do I have the budget to print a two-color logo design or a logo design that’s more than two colors?
  4. Will this logo look good on billboards, packaging, signs, uniforms, ads, and anywhere else I might need to use it?
  5. Does the color of my logo design make sense in my industry?
  6. Will my customers accept my logo design?
  7. Does my logo stand out from my competitors’ logos?
  8. Is it easy to read the typeface used in my logo design at all sizes? Can people read it on a business card as well as they can read it on building signage?
  9. Will my logo design stand the test of time or is it based on a fad that might fall out of favor too quickly?
  10. Is my logo design overly cluttered rather than simple and clean?
  11. Does my logo help communicate my brand promise and message?
  12. Can my logo design be used in a variety of ways online from my website header to my Facebook Page, Twitter profile, and so on?
  13. Can I add a tagline to my logo at anytime without ruining the design?
  14. Does my logo design look like a distinct unit rather than separate pieces stuck together with no cohesion?
  15. Is my logo design too cliché or overused in my industry to such an extent that it’s boring and ineffective?

A logo generator can give you all of the elements and easy-to-use software that you need to create a logo design, but your responses to the questions listed above will give you the strategic insights and direction that you need to create a successful logo design.

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