How this LogoGarden customer grew his brand

Green T Fresh Logogarden testimonialAlbert Gomez is the owner of Green T Fresh (, a supplier of vegetables grown in the Salinas and Imperial Valley. Their goal is to offer the freshest products that are locally sourced from a network of growers and shippers with extensive experience in the growing and harvesting industry. With over 20 under their belt they needed new marketing to back up their exceptional brand. They decided to use because of the multiple options when it comes to marketing collateral. They needed more than just a logo; they needed business cards, brochures, and promotional items.

LogoGarden was happy to be their one-stop-shop for all of their brand and marketing needs.

In Albert’s words:

“I came in looking for a logo and was surprised to learn that I could do so much more. Not just creating a logo but customizing business cards and brochures to reflect and capture the essence of my company. The freedom to get creative with my ideas and the knowledgeable support I received was awesome. My vegetable distribution company serves the wholesale and food service industry. Our commitment is Based on integrity and providing the freshest vegetables to my customers by listening to their needs and fulfilling their orders with honest, reliable, competitive pricing. I decided to face the challenge of starting my own business to implement my belief in supporting the local markets, which is a great way to learn more about the vegetable growing industry. I enjoy meeting customers face to face, being creative and I enjoy the freedom that owning your own business can bring.”

Congratulations to Albert Gomez and all entrepreneurs that step up to the challenge of owning their own business!

A great logo is a necessity for any small business owner but why stop there? With LogoGarden’s user-friendly product offerings, you can make a cohesive brand in minutes. Make your logo and then check out our promotional products page!

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