Family’s logo won them sponsors, speed won the race

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For the Giarratanos, motorcycle racing is a family affair. 15-year-old Tarah, 11-year-old Shaine, and 9-year-old Hayden love the speed, the competition, and the fun that the sport brings. What they didn’t love was the price tag.

Funding a motorcycle team isn’t cheap and presents a unique and challenging business platform. From equipment to travel, you have to find sponsors to help absorb the cost if you want to have longevity in the sport.

Teams don’t have a storefront or traditional presence like most small businesses. They handle their business trackside under a tent, not in a conference room or store. They need people to literally “buy into them” as a team. Aside from just having to be successful on the track, they also have to act as their own publicity agents.

Without the proper logo and marketing collateral, finding sponsors would be nearly impossible.  

Turning 3kracing into a brand…

The need to look professional without breaking the bank led their father Scott Giarratano to

“Logo Garden inspired us to take our team to the next level and gave us a more polished appearance,” Giarratano said, “I honestly feel that Logo Garden was our gate opener, it was a huge boost for our team because of the exposure.”

3kracing had an incredibly successful racing year in 2013 and simultaneously elevated their brand professionally. After marketing themselves on a sponsor driven website with their new logo, they were immediately able to gain prestigious sponsorships. Without their new branding and professional appearance, this may not have been possible.

This year began with a bang as they became the first team ever sponsored by SSR Motorsports, a company that is quickly challenging the “Big 3” Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

“We have only been to a handful of races so far, but all three riders have been on the podium at least once per event,” Giarratano said, “Our focus again this year is to continue developing our skills, promote our sport, and to have fun.”

Congratulations to the Girratano family on their extraordinary success on and off the track! Have your own success story? We would love to hear it! Weigh in below!

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