What Makes You Unique Will Make You Rich

What makes you unique is what will make you richYou’ve always been unique, haven’t you? Think back to your childhood.

There’s a good chance that, while other kids ran aimlessly about the playground, you were selling your artwork for a nickel or organizing a club meeting under the slide. Maybe your first job was babysitting or mowing yards.

In any case, you’re unique because, in the pursuit of success, you are willing to do what others cannot or will not do.

We don’t choose our passions or ideas, but we can choose whether or not to follow them. You chose to follow yours.

And it is this entrepreneurial trait, the desire to march to the beat of your own drummer, that will propel you toward success!

What You Love Will Make You Rich

You are part of a rare breed. Not content with the status quo, entrepreneurs dream of realizing their goals when others say they should settle for less.

Entrepreneurs listen to their instincts, marching to the unique beat of their own drummer and bravely taking the road less traveled.

They trade contentedness for risk and hope against hope that their bets pay off one day.

While you’re marching to your unique beat, you might start a company or two (or three). Great ideas will come to you and some won’t work out the way you envisioned.

You’ll meet lots of new people and lose a few friends. You’ll find yourself buried in a mile-long To Do list almost daily.

But as long as you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Try this exercise recommended by T. Harvey Eker to get more comfortable being authentically you this month:

“For the next month, celebrate your uniqueness and dare to be different! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and go against the norm – think big, do what you have always wanted to do and don’t let ‘norms’ hold you back!”

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