Using entrepreneurship for a greater good

raesempre social entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship is about so much more than trying to make money. Sure, some people are serial entrepreneurs and love the excitement, the competition, and the hunger that comes with such pursuits, but others fall into it unexpectedly.  Alejandra Silva is one of those unlikely entrepreneurs. Her business started out small. She used the little money she had left in her checking account to buy beads here and there. With those, she started creating jewelry. Her only other experience with this was some classes she had taken when she was 14-years-old, 8 years prior. As it turned out, she was quite good at making custom jewelry pieces; in fact, she was fantastic.

Charitable Entrepreneurship

Alejandra is from Nicaragua, but she has been living in Miami Beach for over two years. She began selling her unique accessories to family and friends but she always had the burning desire to give back to the children in her home country who were homeless or didn’t have enough to eat. She decided that if she was going to grow her business, it was going to be for a greater good.

The first thing she decided to do was set up a Facebook page to promote her products and create engagement. From there she created her DIY logo and website.

“After going through several websites, LogoGarden was the one that truly gave me the opportunity to try different ideas until I found the right design to hopefully represent me for years,” Silva said.

With her logo, Alejandra had entered the LogoGarden LOVE MY LOGO contest and was declared the $1,000 winner for September 2013. She used her prize money to travel back to Nicaragua to assist three different organizations in providing Christmas presents to children that rarely receive such luxuries.

“I truly believe I have been blessed with so much on my journey as an entrepreneur. I must take the time to give back and be thankful for the great things that have happened to me.”

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