Does Your Website Match Your Logo?

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Think of it this way. Most people find companies, brands, products, and services via the Internet. They open up a browser window and visit Google or their favorite search engine where they type in keywords related to the item or business they want to find. So your website often provides the first impression of your brand and business, and typically, in the top left corner of your website is your logo. It’s the anchor point of your web presence and it needs to not only look great but also look like a part of your overall brand identity.

Your best choice is to develop your logo design and your website design together.

Also, create your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other business materials with your logo at the same time. This way, you can create an entire visual brand identity rather than a piece-by-piece mixture of elements that may not reflect a consistent brand image.

As you’re creating a logo, think about how the logo design will translate on your website. Are the colors web-appropriate? Is the font easy to read online? Websites typically use more than one or two colors, so make sure that the colors you choose to use in your logo design are ones that you can easily match with complementary colors.

Take some time to view your logo design on multiple computers to see how the colors used in online media (RGB) will vary from one monitor to the next. Compare the onscreen color to the equivalent color used in print media (Pantone PMS or CMYK). If you don’t take these steps, you might create a logo that looks great on your computer monitor but terrible in print.

By marrying logo design with web design and tackling both projects simultaneously, you’ll not only save time and money but you’ll also save yourself from making big design mistakes. Don’t just think, “I have to create a logo design.” Instead, think, “I have to create a complete brand identity.” Your logo design and website design are the first steps.

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