How are your phone system and logo alike?

Answer: your logo and phone are both keys to branding — making the right impression so people feel comfortable doing business with you.

Impressions are everything. What impression do callers get when they call your company? Does it sound like you’re taking the call from a land-line in your kitchen? Click Here for Limited Time Offer

Even when you are working from your kitchen, you don’t have to look that way (logo!) or sound that way (phone!).

But what about your phone? Plain old voicemail doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to sound like a professional business, even if you’re still striving to arrive.

Big companies are supported by complicated and expensive phone systems. Today, though, inexpensive virtual phone systems help give the right impression for companies like yours.

1.)    Company directory. Like a great logo, a virtual phone system lets you look big, so you can grow big. After your greeting (which can be recorded professionally if desired), you can give callers the option to search a “company directory” by name or for the department they need, just as major corporations do.

2.)    Sales boosters. While callers are on hold, you can give them music or customized messages, such as facts about your products or services — or sales-boosting reminders. If you’re in heating and cooling, remind them to ask for a seasonal checkup. Accountant? Add reminders about deductions and keeping receipts. Car care? Save on an oil change. Messages like these could repay the modest cost of your virtual phone system many times over.

3.)    Call screening. Should you take that next call or stay focused on task? Now you can choose: answer, send to voicemail, or listen to the caller’s number before deciding. Meanwhile, the caller stays on hold — just as with any large company. You can also transfer calls to another person’s phone. Got partners or employees in other locations, even other cities? Transfer calls to them seamlessly. Callers will never know. Now you’ve got a true virtual enterprise, spanning the globe.

And with Grasshopper’s mobile apps, you can turn your cell phone into a business line, projecting that professional image, while protecting your cell phone number.

That’s not the whole story. Learn more here. Our hand-picked partner, Grasshopper, the leading provider of virtual phone systems, can walk you through options, advantages and pricing.

So don’t just look big with a great logo: sound big — and get more efficient — with a low-cost virtual phone system that can go with you. And grow with you.

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