Adding Pizzazz to Your Brand

If your brand were a person who would it be? Hilary Clinton? Oprah Winfrey? Martha Stewart? Britney Spears? Is it a wallflower or the life of the party?

Your logo design needs to match your brand personality to be most effective.

You need to ask these types of questions and define your personality before you can attempt to create a logo design that effectively reflects it in a tangible way.

If your logo design doesn’t match your brand personality, consumers will be confused. They won’t know what to expect from it because they’ll feel like it’s sending conflicting messages to them. Consistency is essential for growth, and your logo design is a key element of overall consistency.

You also need to analyze your it in relation to your competitors. Where does your brand personality fit within the market of competitor personalities? If your top competitor is the old reliable guy who has been around for years, then you need to determine if yours should be “old reliable #2” or the modern, innovative brand that breathes new life into the market.

Regardless of what personality you want your brand to have, the ultimate decision makers are always consumers and the ways they perceive your brand is what really matters. Their perceptions are what will ultimately define your brand personality, but you can nudge those perceptions in a specific direction through creative marketing initiatives and messages.

In other words, define what you’d ultimately like your brand personality to be, and then create a logo design, marketing messages, and campaigns that consistently communicate that brand personality. It takes time to turn first impressions of your brand personality into lasting expectations of your brand promise. Give consumers a chance to get to know your brand personality through consistent interactions with them.

Therefore, when you come up with logo design ideas, make sure they are appropriate representations of your brand personality. Any logo designs that don’t match the personality you want consumers to associate with your brand need to go. The best logo design will embody your brand personality and bring your brand to life. Don’t settle for anything less.

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