Campaign Logos 2016: Branding the Presidential Race

Creating a logo isn’t just a way to put a face to your business. It communicates a brand, a promise, and a vision for a company. We are increasingly seeing logos not just for brands, but events and people, as they are catching on as a powerful marketing tool that helps to tell your story.

Throughout the last few weeks, there have been several candidates announce their bid for the 2016 presidential race.

With their announcement, several candidates also launched official websites that showcase one key element: their campaign logos.

How Political Logos Helped Obama

Rewinding back to 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama and his campaign marketing team did something that had never been done before; they turned his campaign into a brand, and created a strong logo and message as the face of that brand.

Flash forward to 2012 and Obama’s campaign as well as his opposer Mitt Romney both used strong branding throughout the race, further shining a spotlight on visual communication and cementing the need for a brand identity.

As the 2016 race heats up, the primary candidates are already establishing those brands. The importance of a well thought out logo is important. As Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the Democrat ticket, thousands of sites took to her logo, to dissect and analyze each part.

There is no doubt that her logo will adorn bumper stickers, T-shirts, social media posts and more as she hits the campaign trail.

Other candidates, such as Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio have also launched websites with custom logos touting the red, white and blue elements standard in political campaigns. These logos will soon become statements in their own right, as people will recognize the candidate and their political platform based on their symbol alone.

How to Make a Good Political Logo

The elements in each of the presidential campaign logos are also important and are often associated with a buzzword that compliments their campaign. For instance, Hillary’s new logo has a noticeable arrow, that signifies a forward motion, which matches up with her ‘new and next’ position.

The arrow is used throughout her site as a common design element and will no doubt be a mainstay through her campaign.

In the instance of Marco Rubio, the logo is his name written in a lowercase and sans serif font, with a stamp of the US over the “i” in his last name. This gives his campaign a youthful and modern look while remaining casual, which appeals to the ever-powerful younger audience the presidential hopefuls intend to reach.

Good Logos are Marketing Tools

The same font is used throughout his promotional materials, as well as the stamp.

Although each of the logos have also undergone scrutiny with critics, one thing is certain: political campaigns will never be the same. Strong marketing plans for political campaigns will lean on the power of using logos as a marketing tool to aid their campaigns and increase visibility for the candidate.

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