3 Ways Video Marketing is Changing the Small Business Game

3 Ways Video Marketing is Changing the Small Business Game

It’s True: Video Marketing is Changing the Small Business Game

Each day, 100 million people watch at least one video online with the average user viewing about 32.2 videos each month. You probably already know about the benefits that come with establishing a social presence for your business – on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – but video marketing for YouTube and Vimeo is just as important to focus on when it comes to putting your company on the map. If you haven’t already started taking advantage of making videos for your business, or consider it to be too much work without much payoff, you might change your mind with these three major benefits.

Videos Have Become Easy To Create

If making a video seems like it’s out of your budget, relax. You don’t have to hire a professional to direct, produce, and edit a video for your business. You can do it all with an iPhone and iMovie on your MacBook. Shoot a couple clips using your iPhone, watch the quick editing tutorial that pops up when you open iMovie, and start working on creating your masterpiece!

Also, remember that your masterpiece doesn’t need to be an epic saga spanning hours upon hours of footage. It’s been estimated that after one minute, 40% of viewers tune out and for two minutes, those numbers jump to 60%. Keep the video and its message therein short and sweet!

Video enables viewers to take action. 

As skimming becomes more popular, and reading in-depth articles becomes less popular, (to the tune of only 20% of your online visitors reading posts from start to finish), videos are experiencing an unsurprising rise in popularity as well.

As long as you follow the formula of keeping videos short, informative, and entertaining, watching a video about your business can be preferred over reading an article on the same topic. They also inspire the viewer to take action after watching by sharing the video with their own social network and increase their understanding of your brand by 74%.

Video is  the Best Possible Way to Highlight What Your Business is All About

Making a video is a great way to show your customers the true face behind your business. If you don’t have a concrete product you’re offering, you can still make an introductory video highlighting your team to show your customers who you are. You also get to show your customers who you are in terms of the creative choices you make by using fun filters, transitions, and slides to make your video more engaging.

And you don’t even have to do it all in person – opt for an animated short to give your business some extra pizzazz! When it comes to video marketing, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and test out what works for you.

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