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Is it better to incorporate or form an LLC? The answer all lies in the kind of company you’re running. LLCs provide a simple management structure that’s ideal for anyone working in real estate, consulting firms, or partnerships. Corporations, with their stock options and liability protection, are a pretty common choice if you’re working in the entertainment industry, as a contractor, or within a venture backed entity.

Why You Should Establish Your LLC or Corporation

By incorporating or forming an LLC, you are legally separating yourself from your business. That means that if your business were ever to get into debt and owe some serious money, only your business would need to pay up, not you. This helps to protect your personal assets, like your house and car, from being claimed for business debts. It’s also a huge draw for small business owners to officially incorporate their business because it cuts a lot of the financial risk out of the equation by allowing you to breathe easy when it comes to you and your family’s personal assets.

Save on taxes.

Incorporating or forming an LLC will help your business to save on taxes – very appropriate it being tax day and all! Imagine this time next year, filling taxes for your fully legitimized business and all the money you’ll save in doing so and the return you’ll get back. Save for the future by saving, and incorporating, today with our Free Day!

In honor of tax day, is offering free Corporation or LLC setup when you visit their website and enter this code: MYFREE. This offer is only good on April 15th from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. Don’t miss out!

Protect your personal assets.

If you’ve been thinking about making the big move to start up your own business, now is the time to do it! Give us a call at 1-877-692-6772 or visit today and we’ll help you get started!

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