A logo design solution built to scale

LogoGarden’s industry leading design tool makes it surprisingly easy to build high-quality, high-resolution logos that your customers will love to build their brand with. Building design after design from scratch is too time consuming and a strain on resources, which is why LogoGarden has partner options for companies who want to scale as quickly as possible. Our tool makes the hard things seem simple.

Partner Programs

Partner with LogoGarden to Deliver DIY Logo Design to Your Users

Affiliate Program

For publishers, bloggers and companies who want to promote a great site builder and get paid for it. Promote LogoGarden on your website, blog or via email and get paid for any referral sales made.
  • Promote logo design to your audience
  • Get paid for referrals
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • 3rd party tracking

Enterprise Solutions

For companies who are looking to design, build and manage hundreds or thousands of Logos and Designs. Use LogoGarden to design, build & host hundreds or thousands of logos while maintaining your branding.
  • Full platform
  • Branded as your company
  • Simple per logo/design per order price
  • API integration

Reseller Program

For large companies looking to resell or offer the LogoGarden solution in a seamless experience. Offer DIY Logo Design to your customers on your website. Large scale partners looking for best in class solution.
  • Various Billing Options
  • API/Plugin integration
  • Customized partnerships