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"By looking at Peace and Rain's business cards and webpage, no one would know we designed them ourselves. They look professionally done, as if by an experienced graphic designer."
~ Denise Rios
Community Organizer
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"I think my favorite has to be the business cards. The decorative framing is beautifully traditional, ideal for our ministry. And the script style of font matches perfectly."
~ Estefania Diaz
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"Having the logo paired with the website launched Wales Interfaith Council to the next level. We immediately starting gaining awareness and support from the community."
~ Collin Nablo
Board Member
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"I think the bright green makes the ministry's vibrant, colorful personality come through in our logo. Now we have a symbol that embodies our community."
~ Sovann Kihn
Choir Director
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"What a unique graphic to brand a ministry with! But the bird in flight fits Joel Colin Ministries to a T. We saw the graphic as an option and just fell in love."
~ Elizabeth Ray-Burns
Media Director
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"Finally, Brett Stenson is a brand! Thanks to LogoGarden, we not only have a stellar logo, but a website and business cards to match."
~ Mackenzie Bosen
Pastoral Educator
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